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About Us, Mission, Vision, and Values

About Us:

Multitude Financial is a financial consulting company dedicated to serving individuals, families and businesses with the tools and resources to help them achieve their personal and business goals. We were born with the masses of ordinary people without power and influence in mind who have been adversely impacted by the financial system.


Multitude Financials’ mission is to positively impact ordinary people and businesses by providing them assistance with restoring their personal credit, establishing business credit, and obtaining business funding. This is accomplished through education, empowerment, and the implementation of multiple strategies with the objective to propel individuals and businesses into their financial greatness!

Vision Statement:

Multitude Financials’ vision is to be the leader and chosen authority of the people and small businesses concerning financial coaching and mentorship.

Our Values:

  1. Integrity - Doing the right thing, every time and all the time
  2. Accountability - Commitment to transparent, measurable, attainable financial growth
  3. Commitment to Financial Success - Your financial growth and success, our #1 priority
  4. Unconditional Gratitude - Giving gratitude for ourselves and others
  5. Effective Communication - Attentive, caring, and timely communication

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